May 11, 2024

Join us for a special father-daughter art exhibition at the Tenri Cultural Institute gallery. Julia Shaternik and her father, Ales Shaternik, will showcase their stunning artwork together.

Ales Shaternik, a renowned Belarusian-American sculptor, infuses monumental sculptures and captivating paintings with neo-impressionist flair. As a dissident artist, he advocates for artistic freedom.

Julia, a professional artist, specializes in unique floral compositions, elegant figures, and captivating landscapes.

Their global exhibitions reflect a deep passion for art and creativity. Based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, Ales and Julia continue to shape the art world with their unique perspectives and unwavering commitment to artistic excellence. Living across the street from renowned artist Andrew Wyeth adds a touch of inspiration to their artistic journey.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience the dynamic artistry of Julia and Ales Shaternik.

May 16 - 22, 2024       
Opening reception: May 16 (Thu) 6:00 - 8pm


Upcoming Event: May 16 - 22, 2024  "A Song of Springtime" at Tenri Cultural Institute

May 03, 2024

In the beginning of Ap 2008 Julia Shaternik paticipated in Art Expo Show New York. The show was successful for the artists. They exhibited their latest art. Julia has shown her latest collection of floral paintings called “Bright Future”. Ales exhibited his European and American landscapes as well as some bronze sculptures. The public was very interested in Shaternik’s family Art.

Artexpo New York, the world's original fine art trade show taking place every year in Manhattan. With an average of 40,000 visitors, the event showcases a diverse range of fine art, from emerging talents to iconic artists.

Artexpo New York is a venerable fair that bills itself as the world's largest fine art trade show. The Redwood Media Group's flaship event is held yearly in April.

The fair is really popular. As a result, it attracts hundreds of prominent galleries, fascinating artists, international collectors, and art enthusiasts. A diverse collection of unique and exciting artwork is on display.

Attendees can examine and buy paintings, sculptures, photography, pottery, prints, and other works. The pricing range is very broad. In summary, Artexpo New York is a must-see event on the New York cultural calendar that will brighten up the spring.

Ales and Julia Shaternik took part in Art Expo New York 2024

Apr 23, 2024

The County Studio Tour is a vibrant two-day event dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the diverse talents of local artists. This unique experience invites art enthusiasts, collectors, and curious neighbors to explore the studios of admired artists, offering an intimate glimpse into their creative processes.

Main mission at County Studio Tour is to promote and support regional artists while contributing to the cultural and economic vitality of our community. By purchasing artwork from local artists, you not only support individual creators but also foster a sense of creativity and value within our community.

Join us for this exciting event! Hosted at Julia Shaternik's Studio 72, along with talented guest artists Gwenn Knapp, Polly Davis Chalfant, and Carol Fastuca, the Chester County Studio Tour on May 18th & 19th promises a weekend filled with artistic inspiration.

Here are the open studio hours:

  • Saturday, May 18th: 10am to 6pm
  • Sunday, May 19th: 11am to 5pm

Save the date for a memorable experience immersed in the creativity of our local arts scene.


Chester County Open Studio Tour

Mar 21, 2024

Opening Reception - Saturday, March 30 at 6 pm
Address: MORA Museum of Art I 80 Grand Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Participating artists: Grigory Gurevich, Lidia Chepovetsky, Yuri Dikov, Alexander Dudorov, Henadz Drazdou, Oxana Katsov, Alexander Katsenelinboigen, Dmitry Krasny, Yelena Kimelblat, Ales Marachkin, Katya Olive, Dina Perepelitsky, Ales Pushkin, Ales Shaternik, Julia Shaternik, Emil Silberman, Roni Sussan, Olga Taran, Andrey Tomarchenko, Irina Zavyalova.

"We live in very turbulent and challenging times. There are ongoing conflicts throughout the world including the Middle East and Eastern Europe, as well as many other confrontations, which are threatening to unfold into full blown wars throughout the globe.

The world is literally splitting into two camps - on one hand, nations and people who respect Human Life, and on the other, those who DO NOT! This second group, first and foremost, does not respect the lives of their own and, certainly, has very little regard for the lives of others. 

Today we also witness exponential growth of global communications, information technology and social media .

Most people are overwhelmed by the flood of information received on daily basis and rarely pursue to validate it . This leaves great many people highly susceptible to be manipulated and mislead into wrong perceptions, convictions and political views.

It is truly a global war of Light against Darkness, of ultimate truths against sophisticated lies! 

This war is not new. This war has been eternal ever since the creation of the men, yet it is certainly taking a whole new shape today in the world of technological advancements and globalization!

Art has the power to help individuals rise above the mundane world and connect to the higher spiritual realms of Life, Humanity,  Beauty and Nature.

Unfortunately, even the World of Art with its robust Art Market have not escaped the wrath of being highly politicized and from playing part in this global conflict. On the other hand , throughout history there were always few individual artists who dared to speak their mind, challenge the establishments and voice the truth. 

During those stressful times of war and unrest we decided to put together an exhibition to reflect on this eternal struggle of Light and Darkness, as well as, the true purpose of Art .

“The Good, the Bad, and the Art” is presenting different artists who create Art for the Art sake without bending to hidden agendas and popular viewpoints, and by doing so help all of us to rise to our higher level of being.

By Dr. Emil Silberman

Calendar of events at MoRa:

(Refreshments and wine will be served on all events)

Saturday, March 30

“Evening with Grigory Gurevich: An Incredible Artistic Legacy”, 4-6 PM

Jazz with Irina Zubareva, 7-9 PM

Sunday, March 31

“A Night of Poetry” with Dr. Andrey Gritsman and colleagues”, 4-6 PM

Saturday, April 6

“Art, Cult and Culture”, by Andrey Tamarchenko 4-6 PM

Volga Kott, a musical project and performance, 7-9 PM

Sunday, April 7

“Big Fairy Tale about Musia and Dusia”

Presented by Dina Perepelitsky, writer and 

Yelena Kimelblat, artist, 4-6 PM

Ales Shaternik, “Art under repressions in Belarus today”, 6-7 PM

Saturday, April 13

"Time and We - An Unforgettable Legacy”, 6-9 PM

Sunday, April 14

“The War inside of us”, 4-5:30 PM

Independent film “Mama” by Oleg Blinov, 5:30-6:30 PM

Exhibition at MoRa Art Museum "The Good, The Bad and the Arts".