In the beginning of Ap 2008 Julia Shaternik paticipated in Art Expo Show New York. The show was successful for the artists. They exhibited their latest art. Julia has shown her latest collection of floral paintings called “Bright Future”. Ales exhibited his European and American landscapes as well as some bronze sculptures. The public was very interested in Shaternik’s family Art.

Artexpo New York, the world's original fine art trade show taking place every year in Manhattan. With an average of 40,000 visitors, the event showcases a diverse range of fine art, from emerging talents to iconic artists.

Artexpo New York is a venerable fair that bills itself as the world's largest fine art trade show. The Redwood Media Group's flaship event is held yearly in April.

The fair is really popular. As a result, it attracts hundreds of prominent galleries, fascinating artists, international collectors, and art enthusiasts. A diverse collection of unique and exciting artwork is on display.

Attendees can examine and buy paintings, sculptures, photography, pottery, prints, and other works. The pricing range is very broad. In summary, Artexpo New York is a must-see event on the New York cultural calendar that will brighten up the spring.